Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what exactly it is I’ve been getting up to over here in Lusaka! While I would love to discuss my work and reflections with anyone interested, I find that photographing and writing about my travels gives me the most energy! So this blog will focus on my weekend trips and getaways!

I consider myself a generally disorganized, spontaneous person. But when it comes to visiting a new city or a new country I love extensively researching everything I can about where I’m going to visit. I want to know where the best restaurants are, what the must-do activities are, and what I should pack!

It occurred to me that I travel a fair amount myself and instead of just mooching off of the great internet of information I should contribute my own experiences which might help other people as they extensively research their own upcoming trips.

In fashion people talk about “high-low” dressing which is mixing in high end designer pieces with cheaper pieces. I wonder if people use that terminology for travel? Because I think that describes my travel style quite well. When I visit somewhere new I’ll typically stay in very budget accommodation and splurge on things that are worthwhile (eating out at great restaurants, trying fancy cocktails, bungee jumping!)

I’ll write as often as I’m in a new city (or retroactively dig up the deets on a trip I’ve been on previously). I do have a full time job (and a half) so won’t be effortlessly traipsing around the globe (#wanderlust) but will share as often as I explore – I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

xx Juliette



3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Love the idea of high-low travel! I’m totally with you there. There’s nothing better than staying in a dorm style hostel and spending your money where you’ll really remember it. Experiences are always worth it.

    And don’t you envy those who can travel all the time? Us working girls have to fit it in to our rare 3 day weekends.


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    1. Thanks Kendall!I’m also aware hostel dorms may not be fun forever so I should make the most of it while it’s still such a great viable travel option!:)

      Yes weekends + 3 weeks holiday/ year does not naturally lend itself to a travel blog.. but we’ll see how this goes 🙂


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