Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe Part 2

I love the water. It never ceases to amaze me how even just the first glimpse of water makes me smile. This means very little was required to make my weekend staying on a houseboat on Lake Kariba an amazing getaway (more about the lake in my previous blog post). My primary activities on the boat were:

  • Napping on the open deck in the sun with the breeze
  • Sitting at the bow of the boat and reading (I got through 2 books in the time we were out there)
  • Playing games with the group – Jenga, Settlers of Catan, One Night Werewolf
  • Eating – we had elaborate brunches and dinners each day cooked up by the on-board chef
  • Drinking– it isn’t summer here but I was determined to make it so with rose and mimosas


However some of the most memorable parts of the trip were times we left our ‘houseboat’ and ventured out on the little dingy that let us navigate close to shore and search for game. We took the boat out almost every sunrise and sunset (for more pictures of those check out the previous blog post). Being so close to the water and witnessing such beautiful sunrises and sunsets made these boat rides incredibly enjoyable. Our luck spotting game was a bit hit or miss but we did manage to see waterbuck, impala, lots of hippos, crocodiles and several ELEPHANT.



Seeing the elephants was probably the best part. We spotted one from quite far away (initially just a grey blob on an island) and we drove toward it watching it come increasingly into view. Just when we thought we were as close as we would get we let the water pull us closer to shore and drifted along the shore with the elephant. It was amazing.




We anchored ourselves on a petrified tree and went fishing while an elephant walked around us with his bird companions. It was unreal.



Even though I didn’t participate in fishing (I’ll eat fish but not thrilled at the thought of slaughtering them..) it did make for some great photo opps!

I’m so thankful for having had a few days to relax, recharge and be by the water! Unfortunately, my time in Zambia is quickly running out (2.5 months to go!) so I’m unlikely to make it back to Kariba any time soon but if I stayed here longer, you’d have a hard time keeping me away…


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